Rilyanti, Mita and Hadi, Sutopo (2008) Synthesis, Characterization and Thermal Stability of Complex cis�[Co(bipy)2(CN)2] and Its Interaction with NO2 Gas. Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry,, 56 (3). pp. 418-421. ISSN 0036�0236


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Abstract—cis�[Co(bipy)2(CN)2] complex was successfully prepared from the reaction of [Co(CN)2] with 2,2'� bipyridine in ethanol 96%. The product of complex synthesized was light brown crystal with percent yield of 75.86%. The IR spectrum of this complex showed strong characteristics vibration band at 1471.9 and 1442.75 cm–1 for C=N stretching, 1664.57 cm–1 for C=C aromatic, 1600.9 cm–1 1 for HC=CH aromatic, 653.87 cm–1 for pyridine ring on 2,2'�bipyridine ligand, 3109.25 and 3080.32 cm–1 for C–H of aromatic ring. The thermogram of DTA–TG analysis showed 4 endothermic peaks at temperature of 53.4, 323.2, 444.2, and 526.4°C, where the bond breaking of the complex occurred at different temperatures. The result of moment magnet measurement of the complex showed that it was a high spin complex with moment magnet value of 3.68 BM, so it is a paramagnetic complex.

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