Maharani, Nyimas Dita and Harianto, Sugeng P. and Iswandaru, Dian (2019) SEBARAN JENIS PAKAN TAPIR (Tapirus indicus, Desmarest, 1819) DI TAMAN NASIONAL WAY KAMBAS. SEMINAR NASIONAL BIOLOGI 4 2019. pp. 97-104. ISSN 978-623-7036-76-0


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Way Kambas National Park (TNWK) is one of two national parks in Lampung province. One of the animals found in TNWK is tapir (Tapirus indicus). Tapirs are believed to experience population shrinkage due to habitat fragmentation and fragmentation. To maintain the tapir population in TNWK one of the efforts that can be done is by increasing the availability of natural tapir food by knowing the distribution of feed and the diversity of species of natural food tapir. The method used in this study is the line transect method. The results showed that the number of plants observed as feed for tapir in the Way Kanan RPTN were 15 species included in 9 familly with a total of 1288 individuals. The diversity index of tapir feed, namely H '= 2.61 which indicates medium (1 <H' <3). The index of evenness of tapir feed type is J = 0.96 which shows stable (0.75 <J <1) and the spread of tapir feed is evenly distributed along the transect pathway. Key Words : diversity, evenness, distribution.

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