Indriyanto, . and Asmarahman, C. and Tsani, M. K. (2019) IDENTIFIKASI KERUSAKAN TEGAKAN HUTAN DI AREAL GARAPAN PETANI KPPH KUYUNG BAWAH DALAM KAWASAN TAHURA WAN ABDUL RACHMAN. In: Seminar Pengembangan Lahan Kering ke-5 (September 2019) di Emersia Hotel, Bandar Lampung. (In Press)

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Forest stand on cultivated area of KPPH Kuyung Bawah farmers look damaged in various organs of plants. The damages are thought to be caused by several causes. Therefore, this research intends to analyze the types of damages and the level of forest stand damages on cultivated area of arable farmers. This research was conducted on February-June 2019. The data were collected using sampling techniques with intensities of 1.5%. The rectangular-shaped observation plots with size of 20 m x 20 m were constructed and distributed systematically to 16 sampling plots. The percentage of damaged plants were analyzed using Tulung formula, while the percentage of damaged organs and the level forest stand damages were analyzed using Kilmaskossu-Nerokouw formula. Then, the results of this research are presented in tables and diagrams. The results show that the forest stand on cultivated area of KPPH Kuyung Bawah farmers are on the organ damage with intensities of 34.7%. The damage intensity shows a low level of damage. However, the types of damages are highly diverse, both occur on stems, branches, leaves, and fruits. Types of stems damages include:borers, hole, gummosis, canker, open wound, and termites attack. Types of branches damages include: dried/dead branches, broken branches, and termites attack. Types of leaves damages include: brown spot disease, yellow spot disease, shot hole disease, leaf fall disease, chlorosis, and dieback. Types of fruits damages include: shot hole disease, rot, and dried. Based on the damage intensity, the forest stand are categorized as unhealthy stand with 43.7% of stand area show a very low level of damage, 50.0% show a low level of damage, and 6.3% show a medium level of damage. Keywords: damage intensity, forest stand.

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