Haryanto, Agus (2012) Green House Gases Emission Reduction Potential through Wastewater Utilization in Bioethanol Industry. The 5th AUN/SEED-Net Regional Conference on Global Environment. pp. 441-450. ISSN 978-602-17165-0-2


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Bioethanol industry was developed to support renewable energy development. In other side, bioethanol industry has also potential to emit green house gases from their wastewater. Wastewater treatment in bioethanol industry used a conventional biological anaerobic process in an open lagoon that emitted methane to the atmosphere. Methane capturing and utilization as a renewable energy reduced green house gases emission. The objective of this study was to calculate the green house gasses emission reduction from wastewater treatment in bioethanol industries using cassava and molasses as raw materials. Complete Mixed Stirrer Tank Reactors with 50-litre working volume were used to evaluate the COD removal and biogas production potential from vinasse (wastewater from molasses based bioethanol) and thinslop (wastewater from cassava-based bioethanol). The averages of COD removal were 84,55% and 74,11%, respectively for vinasse and thinslop. Biogas production potentials from vinasse and thinslop were 542,12 m3/kL ethanol and 105,86 m3/kL ethanol, respectively. Methane concentration in the biogas was practically same for both wastewaters, namely 57,34% for vinasse and 57,0% for thinslop. The biogas from vinasse and thinslop treatment potentially reduces green house gases emission about 4,19 ton CO2e/kL etanol and 0,82 ton CO2e/kL etanol, respectively. Biogas utilization to replace coal in ethanol industry reduced GHG emission into 0,213 ton CO2e/kL ethanol and minus 0,81 ton CO2e/kL ethanol for cassava-based and molassesbased, respectively.

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