Adha, Muhammad Mona (2015) UNDERSTANDING THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN KINDNESS AND GOTONG ROYONG FOR INDONESIAN CITIZENS IN DEVELOPING BHINEKA TUNGGAL IKA. The Proceeding of The Commemorative Academic Conference for the 60th Anniversary of the 1955 Asian-African Conference. pp. 196-203. ISSN ISBN: 978-602-73597-3-4

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Many Indonesians see gotong royong as a characteristic of the Indonesian national identity and import ant to strengthen Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity and Diversity). Looking at Indonesia's situation and condition today, we see three aspects: economic aspect, socio culturally aspect, and religious sphere. Gotong royong values are important to implement all th ree of these aspects. Implementation of gotong royong enables sustainable development of Indonesian society by encouraging citizens and youth to take an active role in how their action can benefit their community. Responsible citizens are those that are in formed and understand about the social life environment especially in this globalisation era. Gotong royong is essentially about bri nging kindness, tolerance, self awareness, showing humility, helpfulness, compassion, cooperation, caring in interpersonal relationship, respectful and taking responsibility. Knowing a value means understanding how to apply it in various situations. Developing moral self knowledge includes becoming aware of the strengths and weaknesses of ourselves as individuals and of our com munity. Moreover knowing how to compensate weaknesses in order to be effective and efficient in gotong royong. Gotong royong is not only for a big scale but also for a small act. For example: if someone gets hurt you should help them. So when you need hel p they will help you. Helping people will makes each person a good citizen, and it also makes us feel better when we help people. The most important thing is acting with gotong royong to create caring interpersonal relationships and community relationship for a peaceful world. If people have the moral qualities of intellect and emotion we have just examined, they are likely to do what they know and feel to be right and have a good impact on the environment. Schools must provide a moral environment that acc ents good values and keeps these in the forefront of everyone's consciousness. Citizens needs lots of opportunities to develop good habits, and plenty of practice at being good persons.

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