Muhtarudin, Muhtarudin and Liman, Liman and Adhianto, Kusuma (2018) The Effect of Rations Based on Palm Oil By-products on Rumen Parameters and Digestibility in Ongole Cattle. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 17 (12). pp. 622-626. ISSN 1680 5194

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Background and Objectives: Palm oil waste can be used as an alternative feed for ruminants. Optimizing the utilization of palm oil waste for ruminant feed can be accomplished through feed processing, such as fermentation. The objectives of this research were to determine ) and volatile fatty acids (VFAs)] and feed digestibility [total digestible nutrients (TDN)] and digestibility of dry matter, organic matter, protein and crude fibre, in Ongole cattle. Methodology: This study utilized a random block design and was based on weight gain. The design included 3 treatments and 3 the best effect of a fermented palm by-product-based ration on rumen parameters [ammonia (NH 3 replicates; thus, nine cattle were included. The treatments tested in this research were a control ration (R0; rice straw, cassava waste, coconut meal, rice bran, molasses, urea and premix), non-fermented palm oil by-product-based ration (R1; cassava waste, rice bran, molasses, urea and premix+palm leaves and palm kernel meal) and fermented palm oil by-product-based ration (R2; cassava waste, rice bran, molasses, urea and premix+palm leaves and palm kernel meal). Results: Rumen liquid VFA and NH concentrations were highest at 110 and 6.74 mM, respectively, after treatment with non-fermented palm oil waste. Feed digestibility parameters (TDN and digestibility 3 of dry material and organic material) were highest after treatment with fermented palm oil waste, with values of 82.94, 69.75 and 75.69%, respectively. The highest digestibility of protein was obtained with the control ration. Conclusion: Palm oil waste-based rations , rumen liquid VFA, the digestibility of dry and organic material and TDN. The R2 treatment had the best effect on TDN and the digestibility of dry matter, organic matter and crude protein. significantly increased rumen liquid NH 3

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Depositing User: Dr. Kusuma Adhianto, S.Pt., M.P.
Date Deposited: 29 Apr 2019 08:20
Last Modified: 29 Apr 2019 08:20

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