The Implementation of Guiding Question Technique to Improve Students’ Recount Text Writing Ability at The First Grade Students of SMA N 13 Bandar Lampung

Ni Kadek Yulianingsih, Flora Flora, Gede Eka Putrawan


Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui apakah ada perbedaan pada kemampuan siswa dalam menulis teks recount setelah penerapan teknik guiding question. Penelitian ini adalah penelitian kuantitatif. Sampel penelitian ini adalah 35 siswa tingkat pertama SMAN 13 Bandar Lampung. Test menulis digunakan sebagai alat untuk pengambilan data. Hasil penelitian menunjukan bahwa adanya perbedaan kemampuan siswa dalam menulis reks recount setelah penerapan teknik guiding question dan aspek organization adalah aspek menulis yang paling meningkat. Dapat disarankan bahwa teknik guiding question dapat membantu siswa menghasilkan ide dengan lebih mudah.


This study was aimed at finding out whether there was a difference of students’ recount text writing ability after the implementation of guiding question technique. This research was a quantitative research. The subjects of this research were 35 students at the first year of SMAN 13 Bandar Lampung. A writing test was administered as the instrument of this research. The result showed that there was a statistically difference of the students’ recount text writing ability after the implementation of guiding question technique and the organization aspect of writing was the aspect that improved the most. This suggests that guiding question technique helps the students generate their ideas more easily.

Keywords: Writing, Recount Text, Guiding Question Technique.

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