Digital Press Social Sciences and Humanities 3, 00039 (2019)

Analyse des erreurs grammaticales dans le cours de la production écrite du 4ème semestre

Setia Rini
Universitas Lampung, Lampung, Indonesia

Writing is a proficiency which is very difficult and complex. This is because the learner needs many aspects to master, such as lexical aspect, grammatical aspect, the ability to present facts and express their thoughts, etc. According to the results of the final review of the 4th semester students, we found that students have encountered a lot of grammatical errors in the course of writing. As a result, we search for analysis to identify this problem and find solutions. Therefore, the problem proposed in this research is: 1) what type of error is often done by students in the course of writing? (2) What is the grammatical error which is found a lot depending on the result type? (3) What are the solutions to solve them? In order to find answers to this problem,we did a descriptive qualitative research with qualitative method by analyzing of the errors. We found that: 1) the dominant type of error is the grammatical error, 2) the most significant type of grammatical error is the error of the adjective. So, in order to solve the problems, students must have a good grammatical skill in the first half; we have to make the students know their grammatical errors even if it’s very simple, give more exercises in the students so that they are used to write correctly

Writing, error analysis, grammar
Volume 3, 01 Oct 2019
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