Junaidi, Junaidi (2019) The Crystal Structures Analysis of Silver Nanowires Synthesized by Polyol Method. Journal of Nano Research. ISSN 1661-9897 (Submitted)

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In this study, the synthesis and analyze the crystal structure of AgNWs have been done by polyol method. Silver nanowires were synthesized using two different solvents, i.e. ethylene glycol and propylene glycol. The crystal structure of AgNWs was analyzed using X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) with a scanning 2θ in the range of 20o to 90o. Furthermore, the structure and electron diffraction patterns were analyzed using transmission electron microscopy (TEM) by accelerating voltage of 120 kV. The XRD pattern of the AgNWs sample also has five diffraction peaks. The five diffraction peaks were identified at 38.24º, 44.42º, 64.54º, 77.52º, 81.68º representing lattice constants (111), (200), (220), (311), (222), respectively. From the results of the calculation of lattice constants values obtained by 4.084 Å for AgNWs-EG and 4,084 Å for AgNWs-PG. Calculation of lattice constants according to literature a = b = c = 4.086 Å. TEM images AgNWs-EG which has a diameter of 84 to 133 nm which corresponds to SEM calculation data having a diameter (109 ± 22) nm. For AgNWs-PG has a diameter of 84 to 264 nm. From the results of the study showed that the results of the characterization carried out are interconnected. The XRD characterization results showed that both samples were crystal indexed. AgNWs-PG has a larger crystal size than AgNWs-EG.

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Subjects: Q Science > QC Physics
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Date Deposited: 04 Nov 2019 07:56
Last Modified: 04 Nov 2019 07:56
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