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Effect of partial replacement of fish meal with Spirulina platensis meal in practical diets and culture location on growth, survival, and color enhancement of percula clownfish Amphiprion percula

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This experiment was aimed to understand the effect of partial replacement of fish meal with Spirulina meal in percula clownfish Amphiprion percula diet on its growth, survival, and color enhancement. One control (A) and three Spirulina dosage were used in this 60-day experiment: 0.9% (B), 1.2% (C), and 1.5% (D) with three replicates for a total of 12 aquariums. During the experiment, the clownfish were fed 4 times daily with 5% FR and periodic sampling for growth monitoring. No significant difference was found in the color intensity, absolute length, and absolute weight among all treatments. On the other hand, survival was the highest on 1.2% Spirulina meal addition to feeding.

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